Narvaez, Rosalba

Welcome to Ms. Narvaez's Counselor web page!

I will be posting information here about classroom lessons, upcoming events and school wide programs. I am available to all elementary students.  Guidance and counseling programs, activities, and services focus on helping children experience healthy growth for future success.

I am Ms. Narvaez, I have a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies with a certification in science. I taught middle school science for 13 years. During that time I received my Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Science with a focus Biology and Geology. I felt I needed to do more for my students and decided to get my Counselor Certification. This will be my second year as a counselor at Bliss Elementary. I'm looking forward to helping meet all the needs of your child's academic, career, and social/emotional development.

 My office hours are from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. My office phone number is 236-5158.  You may also contact me on my "Contact Me" page. E-mail:

Our Bliss Counseling Program also includes:
Mrs. Nermin Overby-Family Intervention Specialist Focus with Children and Families-Bliss Community Individual assessments, coordinate psychological/social services for children and families, mediator between parents and school personnel, Crisis intervention, Group therapy, Home visits, Referrals to community agencies
Ms. T-Licensed Clinical Social Worker William Beaumont Army Medical Center Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinic Active Duty Military Only- Individual and Group Counseling, Classroom observations, Crisis intervention, Coordinates services with psychiatrist, Performs individual assessments.
MFLAC--to be announced

Guidance Lessons at Bliss will include lessons on: 

  • Core Essentials, friendship, decision making, problem solving, social skills, feelings, grief and loss, personal safety, careers, bullying prevention, self-esteem, setting goals, and conflict resolution

Guidance lessons are once a month for 30 minutes.


Small Group Guidance provides a supportive environment for students experiencing commonly shared concerns such as stress, grief, anger,organization, friendship, etc.  These  groups are offered to all students.  Please contact me if you would like your child to participate in a small group.  Small groups give students the opportunity to share ideas and support one another.  Kids can see they are not the only ones feeling a certain way or going through a certain situation.  Small groups are conducted based on the needs of our students.  They typically run 5-6 weeks and the group meets once a week for 30 minutes.  
Parent permission is needed.  


Individual support is available to all students at the request of teachers, parents, or students.  I am a resource to help students succeed in school.  Individual support within the school setting is short-term.  If your child tells you he/she met with me, please don't be alarmed.  Sometimes students self-refer and visit with me once or twice, and are able to solve their own problem.  If students come to my office more than twice or it is of a serious nature parents are contacted.  I feel fortunate to be able to spend time listening to students while providing a safe setting to help them work through problems or tough days.  I feel as though I am another safe friend at Bliss who is available to help students academically and emotionally.  If a parent prefers that I do not meet with his/her child individually or in a group, please let me know and I will accommodate the request. 
After meeting with a student 2-3 times and feel a student needs more guidance I will be contacting parents in order to give a list of resources a parent may contact. At Bliss we also have resources such as Focus on Children and Families.

Reasons to See the School Counselor

I'm here to help you have the best year ever!!!

  • schoolwork challenges
  • making new friends
  • being teased or bullied
  • to share feelings
  • change or loss
  • friendship problems
  • problem solving
  • good news
  • worried, stressed or sad
  • changing family or transition
  • tools to make good choices
  • parenting tools
  • self-esteem


How To See the Counselor

  • Put a note in the box by my office
  • Send me a note, voice mail or email
  • Use the contact form on web page
  • Contact classroom teacher


Core Essential Values
2017 – 2018 Values:

August 2017: Respect: Elephant, Gray Showing others they are important by what you say and do. I am loved and can love others.

September 2017: Friendship - Dolphin, Purple Using your words and actions to show others you care. I can make and keep friends.

October 2017: Creativity: Bowerbird, Tie Dye Using your imagination to do something unique. I can dream and imagine. 

November 2017: Gratitude: Rabbit, Yellow Letting others know you see how they’ve helped you. I can say thank you. 

December 2017: Generosity: Earthworm, Green Making someone’s day by giving something away. I can give. 

January 2018: Commitment: Meerkat, Copper Making a plan and putting it into practice. I can keep my promises. 

February 2018: Kindness: Walrus, Pink Showing others they are valuable by how you treat them. I can care for others.
March 2017: Patience: Sea Turtle, Ivory Waiting until later for what you want now. I can wait. 

April 2017: Peace: Deer, Aqua Proving you care more about each other than winning an argument. I can share. 

May 2017: Honesty: Chipmunk, Brown Choosing to be truthful in whatever you say and do. I can tell the truth.