Ogden, Stephen

Hello My Name Is...

Stephen Ogden

Who is my teacher?

I am a teacher who readily admits,
I love teaching!  For the last eight years I have worked in Bliss Elementary and have enjoyed working with the wonderful teachers here at Bliss.  The most amazing part of my day is seeing children learn something new and grow in their education.  Interaction is a major part of my class, I have to talk to you and you have to talk to me.  We discuss topics that provide various ways of understanding concepts to ensure you have every opportunity available to learn whatever it is we are talking about during class.  Either way I will continue to try my best for you just like you will do your best for me each day to ensure we love school and grow towards loving to learn for life!

What is Mr. Ogden all about?

Coming to El Paso over ten years ago due to military movements I was fortunate enough to have met my love of my life, Jennifer.  We are the proud parents of two wonderful children, Chance and Hunter.  Originally I  grew up in Smyrna, Georgia or about twenty minutes from Atlanta, Georgia.  I moved from Georgia to Kentucky for a few years before joining the military.  After the military I took on the field of business.  After experiencing the world of business I realized that was not fun.  I didn't receive any internal rewards and felt empty after a days work.  Which brings you to me.  I take pleasure in being successful and really enjoy having others around me achieve successes in their life.  Together we can both make loads of progress in the field of education.  So, keep your heads up and continue to strive for success, we will achieve!

See you in class, come ready to work hard and smile, life is fun, let's learn together!