Ms. BRIONES 1A Dual Language Teacher,

I teach a Dual Language 1st grade class.

My Schedule is as follows:
8:00-8:15        Breakfast
8:15-9:00        Johnny Can Spell
9:00-9:45        P.E. class outside with Coaches
9:45-11:20       Reading
11:20-11:55      LUNCH
11:55-12:25      Social Studies
12:25-2:00       Math
2:00-2:45        ESL, Interventions, Enrichment
2:45-3:15        Science
3:15             Dismissal

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 1:30-2:15 students go to computer lab for reading differentiated instruction. 

Every alternate Monday, Music and Art are taught at 8:15-9:00 with a Music and Art instructor.
Every alternate Thursday, the students go to the Library for a literary lesson with the librarian.

Classroom Management Plan, Assertive Discipline.
Classroom Rules
Be Prepared for class.
Raise hand for permission to speak or leave the class.
Follow the teacher's instructions the 1st time that they are given.
Be courteous and respectful.
Follow all school rules, which include cafeteria, rules, playground rules, hallway rules, and computer lab rules.

Any infractions of the rules will result in a teacher-student conference and the results thereof.

SCOPE and Sequence of 2016-2017 curriculum

MATH. UNIT 1. Weeks 1-4. August 22,-Sept. 16,2016.
Addition to 10.
UNIT 2. Weeks 5-8. Sept.19,-Oct.14,2016. Understanding Subtraction. 5 and 10 relationships.
UNIT 3.Weeks 9-12, Oct.17,-Nov.10,2016.
Addition and Subtraction. Facts through 20.

UNIT 1.Weeks 1-4.  Aug. 22- Sept. 16, 2016. Kindness, Empathy, Standing Up For Others, Compassion, Obedience.
Unit 2. Weeks 5-8. Sept. 19- Oct. 14, 2016. LOYALTY. Trust, Friendship, Devotion, Responsibility.
UNIT 3. PERSEVERANCE, Overcoming Fear, Learning From Your Mistakes, Not Giving Up, Determination, Courage.
UNIT 4. Weeks 13-17. Nov. 14,- December 23, 2016. FAMILY, Cultures, Traditions, Acceptance, Respect, Honor, Joy.
UNIT 5. Weeks 18-21.  Jan. 10-Feb. 3, 2017. BRAVERY,  Heroism, Courage, Helping Others, Knowledge, Discovering Something New.
UNIT 6. Weeks 22-25.February 6-Mar.3,2017. FRIENDSHIP.